18 Tools to Track Car and Fuel Maintenance

With the economy in such an uncertain place, it’s very likely that people will be holding on to their cars far longer than they have in the past. With this in mind, it’s important to take care of your vehicle, which can be made simple using a variety of online services. Here are 18 tools to help you keep track of your car’s maintenance, as well as gas consumption, mileage, and more.

What sites do you use to maintain your car?

Auto Repair

DriverSide.com - DriverSide can help you find a car and maintain it once it’s yours. The site provides news about recalls, when to get your car serviced, helps you find out how much parts cost, and they will even help you sell it. Covers pretty much the entire life cycle of an automobile.

GarageSeek.com - Finding a reliable and honest auto repair garage can be tough, but GarageSeek attempts to provide you with reviews of garages throughout all of North America.

Ownersite.com - Ownersite is a subscription plan service that helps you keep track of your car’s maintenance, costs and reminders of when you next need service.

RepairPal.com - RepairPal assists you with getting estimates for repairs, finding well reviewed shops and keeping track of your car’s maintenance.

ServiceBeacon.com - Keep track of your car’s maintenance schedule, receive email reminders and schedule appointments with your dealer online.

TheAutoLog.com - Set up a profile for your car, track its maintenance history and display it for others to see.

TheCarTracker.com - Track your car’s maintenance, as well as modifications and costs that you have incurred.

YourGarageOnline.com - Keep track of your car’s information, repair history and easily see when you need to go in for your next check up.

Gas Mileage

Fuelly.com - Fuelly allows you to enter data on your vehicle before you start tracking it, then you can compare how you are doing with other owners of the same model. You can also enter data from their iPhone site, participate in forums, see how much you have spent over time and more.

MPGTune.com - Track your MPG, your annual fuel cost, see the top mileage of other users with the same car and more.

MyMilemarker.com - Enter anytime you gas up via their website, phone or Twitter, and My Mile marker will give you reports on your gas mileage.


AccuFuel - Tracks your fuel usage over a number of years and allows you to switch to other units of measurement besides gallons if the need arises.

FuelGauge - Customizable fuel consumption iPhone app that allows you to set volume measurement, currency, enter historical data and more.

Car Care - An iPhone application that allows you to track fuel economy and reminds you of regular maintenance requirements.

GasHog - An iPhone and iPod Touch application for keeping track of your gas mileage that supports multiple vehicles and exporting data amongst other features.

Gasmate - An app just for tracking your gas mileage over time.

iPhoneMiles.com - An iPhone site that allows you to keep track of your miles easily instead of on slips of paper.

Miles.Dynadel.com - iPhone optimized site to keep track of the fuel efficiency of your car.

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