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Amtrak Train, Car Collide in Braidwood



    Amtrak Train, Car Collide in Braidwood
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    FILE IMAGE: Train Tracks

    A car was hit by an Amtrak train Sunday morning in far southwest Braidwood.

    A Braidwood police dispatcher said train and car crashed at Illinois 53 and Division Street.

    The collision occurred about 11 a.m. and involved Train 302, which originated from St. Louis and is bound for Chicago’s Union Station, according to Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari.

    “The vehicle was obstructing the path of the train at the crossing,’’ according to Magliari, who said he had not immediately heard of any fatalities form the vehicle.

    A "young female" who was in the car was air-lifted from the scene, Chris Mitchell, a passenger on the train, told Chicago Breaking News.

    Mitchell said he didn't feel an impact, but felt the train quickly slow down.

    The train was delayed until 12:40 pm., according to Magliari who said none of the passengers or crew were injured. The train should arrive at Union Station by 2 p.m.

    Union Pacific owns the train tracks at the location where the crash occurred. It was not immediately known whether the train sounded a horn before the crash.

    Unconfirmed dispatch reports indicate three ambulances have responded.

    Amtrak police and Braidwood police are investigating.