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Declaring Mancow Waterboarding Drama Torture

Why can't we all just call it a publicity stunt



    Declaring Mancow Waterboarding Drama Torture
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    This waterboarding is NOT a hoax.

    OK. We are going to have to take some responsibility for perpetuating the now-as-annoying-as-Miss-California-drama that has surrounded the Erich "Mancow" Muller waterboarding extravaganza over the past week.

    We were among the first to report on the conservative shock jock's not-so-original idea to subject himself to waterboarding. (Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens had done it and wrote about it for the magazine in August of 2008, declaring similarly "it's torture.")

    If you were out of the country or under a rock and didn't see the video played and replayed on the news or read about it on the Internet, let's recap it for you.

    Friday morning, May 22: Mancow subjects himself to waterboarding live on WLS-AM radio. Declares the highly-controversial practice "absolute torture." Camera crews capture it all.

    Watch Mancow Waterboarding Stunt

    [CHI] Watch Mancow Waterboarding Stunt
    WLS radio host Mancow Muller subjects himself to waterboarding.
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    Friday evening, May 22: Mancow makes an unlikely appearance on MSNBC's Countdown where Keith Olbermann says "Mancow had the guts to put his mouth where his mouth was," declares the waterboarding debate over and as a kind gesture, donates $10,000 to a charity on Mancow's behalf.

    Tuesday evening, May 26: Mancow is back with Olbermann to say his friend Sean Hannity of FOX News still says waterboarding is NOT torture.

    Friday morning, May 29:'s investigative reporter, John Cook, reports that the entire incident was a "hoax" and included a series of e-mails between Mancow's publicist, Linda Shafran and David Kupcinet, who was helping to find a waterboarder. Shafran adamently denies the "hoax" allegation.

    Friday evening, May 29: Former adversaries-turned-allies Keith Olbermann and Mancow discuss the stunt-turned-hoax-turned-controversy on his show for a second week where Mancow declares "the truth doesn't matter."

    Left. Right. Stunt. Hoax. Isn't this supposed to be about torture or not torture?

    We just feel used. Or maybe we were the users.

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