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Google and NBC Team Up for the Election



    Google and NBC Team Up for the Election
    Tune in to the Google watch party on Election night.

    Barack Obama spends a historic election night in his home town of Chicago, facing political peril should he lose his bid for reelection or soaring heights of jubilance for his supporters if he wins. 

    You can watch right along with some of the most knowledgable politicos as they take in the scene in Chicago. 

    NBC's Owned and Operated Television Stations have teamed up with the smart folks at Google to ring in election night just a quick 'El' stop from where the President and his folks will be biting their nails and watching election returns. 

    A panel of political experts will discuss the implications of the historic 2012 election, take questions from social media submitted to #asktheNBC5panel hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Google +, and lean on a bevy of Google analytics to try to get perspective on the state of the race hours before the returns come in. 

    Our panelists will talk with top politicians -- such as the nation's youngest congressman and Paul Ryan workout buddy, Aaron Schock, -- social media experts, and Google's analytics wizards. And much much more. 

    The show begins at 6:30 p.m. central standard time and runs until the polls close in California.