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Derrick Rose, Movie Star?

Derrick Rose says he wants to be in movies after playing days are over



    Derrick Rose, Movie Star?
    Nolen James
    Derrick Rose wants his close up.

    Derrick Rose, star of the silver screen. We can see it now. OK, not really.

    Responding to the age-old athlete question of "What would you like to do after your playing days are over?" -- an existential question most of us fortunately don't have to start considering around age 28 -- Rose came up with a slightly unconventional response: he'd like to be in movies.

    "You will probably see me in some movies or something," Rose said after practice Monday. [...] "I really don't know," he said. "I love what's his name? Vince? -- Vince Vaughn. The dry humor. It seems like he's serious about everything, but he's funny. That would be me right there."

    Rose noted that he was a big fan of Vaughn's latest movie -- "Couples Retreat." "I love movies," he said. "That was a great movie. Hopefully, I'll be in the movies one day."

    Fortunately for Bulls fans, Rose's playing days aren't anywhere near over.

    Rose is a mere 21 years old, and is already one of the best players at his position in the NBA. Should he keep developing. Barring injury Rose will be playing at a very high level for at least another decade. And hey, maybe he'll have some sort of Sam Cassell- or Jason Kidd-esque later stage, where reputation and ball skills eclipses the mid-30's loss of athleticism and explosion. We can see it. Far more easily than we can see Rose starring in a film, that's for sure.

    In the meantime, the Bulls could use a little more basketball focus from Rose and his teammates. After an impressive opening night win over the Spurs, the Bulls have dropped back-to-back games against the Celtics and the Heat, both of which appear to be miles ahead of the Bulls in the East. The Bulls have a chance to right the ship Tuesday night when they play the rebuilding Milwaukee Bucks.

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