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The Chicago ward boundaries have undergone a change that will take effect Feb. 24 during the municipal election. Before you head into the voting booth this year, get to know your ward as it stands in 2015.

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Changes to Chicago ward boundaries will take effect Feb. 24 during the municipal election. Before heading to the polls this year, get to know your ward as it stands in 2015.
1st Ward candidates: Proco Joe Moreno (incumbent), Andrew Hamilton, Ronda Locke and Anne Shaw ⇒ More about the 1st ward here.
2nd Ward candidates: Bita Buenrostro, Brian Hopkins, Steve Niketopoulos, Alyx Pattison, Stacey Pfingsten and Cornell Wilson. Ald. Bob Fioretti is running for mayor. ⇒ More about the 2nd ward here.
3rd Ward candidates: Pat Dowell (incumbent) and Patricia Horton ⇒ More about the 3rd ward here.
4th Ward candidates: William Burns (incumbent), Tracey Bey and Norman Bolden ⇒ More about the 4th ward here.
5th Ward candidates: Leslie Hairston (incumbent), Tiffany Brooks, Jocelyn Hare, Robin Boyd Clark, Jedidiah Brown and Anne Marie Miles ⇒ More about the 5th ward here.
6th Ward candidates: Roderick Sawyer (incumbent), Richard Wooten and Brian Garner ⇒ More about the 6th ward here.
7th Ward candidates: Natashia Holmes (incumbent), Joseph Moseley, Gregory Mitchell, LaShonda "Shonnie" Curry, Keiana Barrett, Flora "Flo" Digby, Bernie Riley, Margie Reid and Tyrone Wilkins ⇒ More about the 7th ward here.
8th Ward candidates: Michelle Harris (incumbent), Tara Baldridge and Faheem Shabazz ⇒ More about the 8th ward here.
9th Ward candidates: Anthony Beale (incumbent), Michael LaFargue, Harold Ward and Ted Williams ⇒ More about the 9th ward here.
10th Ward candidates: John Pope (incumbent), Olga Bautista, Frank Corona, Juan Huizar, Richard Martinez, Susan Sadlowski-Garza and Samantha Webb ⇒ More about the 10th ward here.
11th Ward candidates: James Balcer (incumbent), John Kozlar, Maureen Sullivan and Patrick Daley Thompson ⇒ More about the 11th ward here.
12th Ward candidate: George Cardenas (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 12th ward here.
13th Ward candidate: Marty Quinn (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 13th ward here.
14th Ward candidate: Ed Burke (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 14th ward here.
15th Ward candidates: Eddie Daniels, Otis Davis, Raymond Lopez, Adolfo Mondragon, Raul Reyes and Rafael Yanez. Incumbent Ald. Toni Foulkes is not running. ⇒ More about the 15th ward here.
16th Ward candidates: JoAnn Thompson (incumbent), Stephanie Coleman, Toni Foulkes, Jose Garcia and Cynthia Lomax ⇒ More about the 16th ward here.
17th Ward candidates: James Dukes, Glenda Franklin and David Moore ⇒ More about the 17th ward here.
18th Ward candidates: Lona Lane (incumbent), Derrick Curtis, Michael Davis, Consandra Harris, Brandon Loggins and Chuks Onyezia ⇒ More about the 18th ward here.
19th Ward candidates: Matt O'Shea (incumbent) and Anne Schaible ⇒ More about the 19th ward here.
20th Ward candidates: Willie Cochran (incumbent), Kevin Bailey, Ernest Radcliffe, Willie Ray and Andre Smith ⇒ More about the 20th ward here.
21st Ward candidates: Howard Brookins Jr. (incumbent), Jeff Baker, Doris Brooks, Patricia Foster, Ken Lewis, Marvin McNeil and Joseph Ziegler ⇒ More about the 21st ward here.
22nd Ward candidates: Ricardo Munoz (incumbent), Neftalie Gonzalez, Robert Martinez and Raul Montes ⇒ More about the 22nd ward here.
23rd Ward candidates: Michael Zalewski (incumbent), Martin Arteaga, Anna Goral, Charles Hughes and Paulino Villarreal ⇒ More about the 23rd ward here.
24th Ward candidates: Frank Bass, Vetress Boyce, LaDarius Curry, Sherita Harris, Wallace Johnson, Regina Lewis, Larry Nelson, Michael Scott Jr., Darren Tillis and Roger Washington. Incumbent Ald. Michael Chandler is not running.⇒ More about the 24th ward here.
25th Ward candidates: Daniel "Danny" Solis (incumbent), Ed Hershey, Jorge Mujica, Byron Sigcho and Roberto Montano ⇒ More about the 25th ward here.
26th Ward candidates: Roberto Maldonado (incumbent), Adam Corona and Juanita Irizarry ⇒ More about the 26th ward here.
27th Ward candidates: Walter Burnett Jr. (incumbent) and Gabe Beukinga ⇒ More about the 27th ward here.
28th Ward candidates: Jason Ervin (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 28th ward here.
29th Ward candidates: Deborah Graham (incumbent), Larry Andolino, Bob Galhotra, Oddis Johnson, Stephen Robinson, Zerlina Smith, Chris Taliaferro and Lacoulton Walls ⇒ More about the 29th ward here.
30th Ward candidates: Ariel Reboyras (incumbent) ⇒nMore about the 30th ward here.
31st Ward candidates: Ray Suarez (incumbent), Irma Cornier, Milly Santiago and Sean Starr ⇒nMore about the 31st ward here.
32nd Ward candidates: Scott Waguespack (incumbent) and Elise Doody-Jones ⇒ More about the 32nd ward here.
33rd Ward candidates: Deborah Mell (incumbent), Tim Meegan and Annisa Wanat ⇒ More about the 33rd ward here.
34th Ward candidates: Carrie Austin (incumbent), Henry Moses, Charles Thomas and Shirley White ⇒nMore about the 34th ward here.
35th Ward candidates: Rey Colon (incumbent) and Carlos Rosa ⇒ More about the 35th ward here.
36th Ward candidates: Omar Aquino, Gilbert Villegas, Chris Vittorio and Alonso Zaragoza. Ald. Nicholas Sposato is now running in the 38th ward. ⇒nMore about the 36th ward here.
37th Ward candidates: Emma Mitts (incumbent), Maretta Brown-Miller, Leroy Duncan and Tara Stamps ⇒ More about the 37th ward here.
38th Ward candidates: Belinda Cadiz, Tom Caravette, John Cianci, Michael Duda, Carmen Hernandez, Jerry Paszek, Heather Sattler and Nicholas Sposato. Ald. Timothy Cullerton is not running. ⇒ More about the 38th ward here.
39th Ward candidates: Margaret Laurino (incumbent), Joe Laiacona and Robert Murphy ⇒ More about the 39th ward here.
40th Ward candidates: Patrick O'Connor (incumbent) and Dianne Daleiden ⇒ More about the 40th ward here.
41st Ward candidates: Mary O'Connor (incumbent), Joe Lomanto and Anthony Napolitano ⇒ More about the 41st ward here.
42nd Ward candidate: Brendan Reilly (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 42nd ward here.
43rd Ward candidates: Michele Smith (incumbent), Jen Kramer, Jerry Quandt and Caroline Vickrey ⇒ More about the 43rd ward here.
44th Ward candidates: Tom Tunney (incumbent), Scott Davis and Mark Thomas ⇒ More about the 44th ward here.
45th Ward candidates: John Arena (incumbent), Michelle Baert, Mike Diaz and John Garrido ⇒ More about the 45th ward here.
46th Ward candidates: James Cappleman (incumbent), Amy Crawford and Denice Davis ⇒ More about the 46th ward here.
47th Ward candidates: Ameya Pawar (incumbent) and Rory Fiedler ⇒ More about the 47th ward here.
48th Ward candidate: Harry Osterman (incumbent) ⇒ More about the 48th ward here.
49th Ward candidate: Joe Moore (incumbent) and Don Gordon ⇒ More about the 49th ward here.
50th Ward candidates: Debra Silverstein (incumbent), Shajan Kuriakose and Zehra Quadri ⇒ More about the 50th ward here.
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