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Caught On Cam: Inmate Threatens Judge



    Caught On Cam: Inmate Threatens Judge

    Kentucky man faces multiple charges after threatening judge during contentious bond hearing. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2016)

    A Kentucky man is facing multiple charges after threatening a judge during his bond hearing.

    Michael Ray's bond hearing for four charges, including terroristic threatening and assault in the second degree, started off calm, but less than a minute in, he got upset over the amount. After the county requested a $25,000 bond, Ray, 36, scoffed at the figure.

    "You think that's funny," the judge is heard asking on courtroom video.

    "I think that's hilarious," Ray responds before walking off.

    "Alright, so bond is $50,000," the judge says. "No bail credit. He's lucky I didn't hold him in contempt. He thinks these are funny charges."