10 Things You Don’t Know About Stefan Holt

He anchors NBC 5 Today but even though you see him everyday there is plenty you don't know about Stefan Holt. Here are 10.

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NBC 5 Today anchorman Stefan Holt handles the news in and out of the studio. Now he shares 10 things you don't know about him.
1. I’ve always been a transit nerd, and have ridden every CTA “L” line. Still working on visiting every station in the system.
2. I’m a licensed private pilot and love flying airplanes, but am afraid of heights.
3. I wear big shoes, size 15’s. Have to order them online.
4. The grill is my domain! I can cook up some mean skirt steak fajitas.
5. When I grow up, I want to be a fighter pilot.
6. I proposed to my wife at the 95th floor of the Hancock.
7. I grew up on the North Side, but was raised a Sox fan. Still have love for the Cubbies!
8. I could eat pizza for every meal, every day, and not be bored.
9. I have a scar on my chin from an accident I had when I was 3. Tripped and fell on a glass coffee table.
10. I get nosebleeds, sometimes during the morning show. So if one minute I am there and then I am not - nosebleed.
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