Your Prescriptives Rx for Summer Skin

Must-have goodies to protect your skin this summer

It's finally happening. Enough sunny Chicago weekends have amassed to leave at least a little bit of tint on our faces. No matter what your complexion or how much SPF you use (or how much you fake-baked all winter), odds are this season has altered your facial hue. What a perfect time to head to the skin-tone-matching experts at the Prescriptives counter for a brand new summer foundation.

Prescriptives seems to know we're coming. They're offering a special deal with their All Skins Mineral Make-Up, which comes in 18 shades in either liquid or powder form. Most mineral make-up consists of a powdery mash-up of gems and, yes, minerals. But Prescriptives has managed to pack the same rocky goodness into a 16-hour, 10 SPF liquid base that glides on lightly and really does last through a sticky summer day. You know that revolting tendency for base to bubble and turn mask-like on perspiring skin? That won't happen here. A flawless complexion after our recent three-mile sunny walk to a barbeque was all the proof we needed.

So about that special deal: With your purchase of either the powder or liquid All Skins Mineral Make-Up, you can also buy a $17 package worth $42.50. It contains a travel brush for the make-up you just bought (hello, you're going to need that anyway), and the delicious Flawless Face Primer, which happens to be exactly what we were we were using during that barbeque. What's nice is that these add-ons aren't random -- they actually compliment the product.

While you're at the counter letting the Prescriptives people find your shade, here are two other must-have goodies to check out:

  • Motor-Eyes Instant Action Mascara: The vibrating mascara craze has got to be the best development in cosmetics since long-wearing lipstick. We all do that little shake maneuver when sweeping on our favorite mascara, in hopes of avoiding clumps. But can you shake that wand at 125 beats per second? No, you cannot. Enter every girl's best friend -- vibration. This mascara combines motor technology with Prescriptives' beloved no-flake, no-smudge formula for some nicely separated, summer-ready curl.
  • Magic Liquid Powder: It goes on feeling wet, which is oh-so refreshing in the heat. But then comes the magic part -- this powder settles on the face as a light, slightly sparkly dust that replaces dreaded shine with welcome glow. No lines, no weight -- and don't even think about caking. It's the fairy-tale ending to your newly sun-kissed face.

When Ali isn't getting nosy with, she's dusting bronzing powder on her nose.

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