NBC 5 Viewers’ Pet Adoption Stories

On Aug. 15, NBC 5 is taking part in Clear the Shelters, a nationwide push to find homes for pets in need. Send your adoption story and photos to isee@nbcchicago.com.

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Alex Klimala
On Aug. 15, NBC 5 is taking part in Clear the Shelters, a nationwide push to find homes for pets in need. Send your adoption story and photos to isee@www.nbcchicago.com.
nWe adopted Thor at Pet-Palooza in Orland Park from The Animal Welfare League in 2013. We could not have asked for a sweeter dog. After getting him, our other dog, who was very sickly at the time, started gaining her strength back, and we believe that it is because of him that we still have her. We may have saved him from the shelter, but he saved us and our other dog Penny as well. Adopting as shelter pet is always the right choice.
Debra Bobinsky
This is Patches. We rescued him in March 2011 after Reno, our rescue Bichon, died on Valentine's Day. We got him through Petfinders.com and drove to Plainfield Animal Hospital to get him. He's a Cavachon with the BEST personality. We were so lucky to have him added to our family, which includes two cats (both rescues), two frogs and two humans.
Cheryl Wong
I fostered Noah from PAWS back in December 2008. He was 42 lbs and his ears were scarred and torn up. I called PAWs after the first night and told them I would foster him until there was room at the PAWS adoption center. He was such a sweet soul and was so timid. I fell in love with Noah and decided to adopt him. I was a failure at being a foster, but I gained a family member. :) He is now 62 lbs and healthy and happy as can be.
Allie and Gabriel
On their first day as a married couple, newlyweds Allie and Gabriel decided to make another commitment… to adopt a new family member! They came into The Anti-Cruelty Society at the end of May to look for a dog to adopt and immediately fell in love with Sparky, now Gru, a sweet 1-year-old terrier mix. Allie and Gabriel are now proud parents to Gru, gushing, “He is simply the best. He’s a giant teddy bear and gets along with every human and dog he comes across. We could not be happier and we feel so blessed that Gru let us be his forever family!”nAllie is an occupational therapist who works with children with disabilities, and since discovering how social, friendly and well-mannered Gru is, she plans to train him to become a therapy dog! Gabriel is a Sergeant First Class in the Army Reserves and has just learned that he will be stationed in Kansas for the next year. Allie is thrilled to have Gru keep her company and snuggle with while her husband is away serving our country. Due to Gabriel’s status in the Army Reserves, their adoption qualified for our Pets for Vets program, where Fifth Third Bank sponsors the adoption fee for members of the armed forces. “We want to thank The Anti-Cruelty Society and Pets for Vets for helping us bring our little boy to his forever home. We are all looking forward to many more years of snuggles and happiness!”
Kelly Moran
Kelly Moran and her boyfriend adopted their kitten on Black Friday of 2014. "We had looked online at the shelter's website and had a few kittens in mind that we wanted to see. There was one in particular on the website that we both immediately stuck our noses up at because he had such an unflattering picture. In the shelter, we found a kitten that I loved and placed a hold on him. Afterwards, my boyfriend asked if we could play with some of the others. He said that maybe we should give that other kitten a chance. As soon as we met him (his name was Flynn at the time), we both immediately fell in love. We took the hold off the other kitty (who ended up getting adopted with his sister by a family that same night) and came home with Flynn the following week! My boyfriend has this thing where he likes to name his pets after something Chicago-related. After much thought, we decided on Noah (after Joakim Noah of course!). Noah was adopted from West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove."
Lisa Maile
Lisa Maile said she encourages everyone to go and visit a shelter to find their next pet. Lola is her red husky and Diamond is her gray husky.
This is Lily. She is a 3-year-old bullmastiff that we rescued with the help of Bullmastiff Rescuers. She is currently being trained by our 7-year-old to be her SWAT dog companion for Halloween.
Valerie Heintz
This is a picture of Abby (2-year-old Rat Terrier, female, missing 1 eye), Nubbie (5-year-old domestic shorthair, orange tabby a with 1/2 his tail) and Conan (4-year-old domestic long hair, orange tabby). Nubbie was adopted from West Suburban Humane Society (participating in Clear the Shelters Day!) first. He lived his whole life in the shelter until we adopted him - he was 3 years old! Then we adopted Conan, also from West Suburban Humane Society. He and Nubbie we're like long lost brothers. Then right before last Christmas we adopted Abby from ARF. We went to see 2 other dogs, but neither seemed the right fit for our family. Abby's Foster Mom suggested Abby, pointing out that while the 2 dogs we'd come to see had a long line of applicants to adopt them Abby had none. Reminded us of our beloved Nubbie (does having 1/2 a tail or only 1 eye make you any less wonderful? No! Valerie Heintz said, "We actually think they make them more wonderful!) and we couldn't says no. As you can see they are the 3 Amigos and we love them all so much!"
Sue Senders
Having just lost my beloved Ellie May, a rescue dog from rural Kentucky, Sue Senders thought the best way to honor her memory was to give another rescue a loving home. "I began looking through pictures of dogs for adoption online, and I found one that was going to be shown with a rescue in a local pet supply store, so I went to see him. As the volunteers began bringing the dogs in, the first one in line bypassed everyone else and made a beeline for me. I petted her, but she was bigger than what I had in mind. The dog I went to see turned out to have a little too much energy for me, and I left. All afternoon, my brother kept saying, 'What about that dog that liked you?' I kept giving reasons for not adopting her, but the list slowly dwindled, and we went to the rescue to see Bree. She ignored my brother and sat next to me. I knew she was mine. When I told my husband, who is a huge J.R.R Tolkien fan, that I thought about changing her name, he said, 'You are not. Bree is a place in Tolkien's novels!' Two years later, I never thought I could love any dog the way I loved Ellie, but Bree has also captured my heart. She really chose me!"
Shannon Jameson
Ozzy and Percy Jameson are 2 shelter babies. Shannon Jameson said, "We rescued Ozzy in July 2013 and Percy formerly named Ollie in July 2014 from the Collin County Animal Shelter. When we first brought Ozzy home he was very small with crazy black, white, and grey hair that went everywhere. He since has grown into a gorgeous Maine with a smoke undercoat. He is incredibly intelligent and has has the funny, quirky Maine personality. Our daughter adopted Percy after seeing his picture on the shelter website. He is a black and white tuxedo cat with the cutest bubble gum pink nose, tongue and foot pads. When she brought him home he was extremely shy and leery of people because his whiskers had been cut. He immediately took to Ozzy and the two have been inseparable. Percy a.k.a Kissy Face is very shy, sweet, and as his Momma says prone to gravity checks. We are very thankful to have both of these wonderful additions in their forever home."
Helen and Mike Tobin, Allie Sherr
Rosie is a rescue dog owned by Helen and Mike Tobin and Allie Sherr. "We absolutely love Rosie, who we rescued from Save A Pet/Grayslake!! She brings smiles & laughter into each day!"
Karla Dick
Jagger is rescued from the Dallas shelter and up for adoption through Dallas Pets Alive. He's 1 1/2-2 yrs old and loves rug o war, squeaky toys, walks, and playing with other dogs.
We got Mollie a few months back at theFort Worth Downtown shelter. Sweeties, loving, and playful little addition to our family. We also have a 12 year old lab who has had a second lease on life with Mollie. They are always playing and having fun!
Charles Warren
Charles Warren's rescue Husky Breeze on her new throne
Frances Trimble
Catherine is an Allyson dog. She was rescued in Houston after the storm by Frances Trimble. She is 14 years old, is a little wobbly and deaf, but still our sweetheart.
J. Routt
This is our newest little girl - one of the few times she's still for a selfie. She was rescued from Watauga Animal Shelter.
Kim Martin
Kim Martin said, "We got our dog at Chicago Animal Care and Control with one day left on his time there. He's the best...we are so lucky. Everyone adopt."
Patty Reilly
Patty Reilly said, "Off to the adoption me and my girl Teagan (shepard mix) went to see if Teagan and 'Journey' got along.....I got to the adoption late and there was only one pup there that didn't get adopted...and that was Journey the Senior Lab mix.....I took him out on the leash...Teagan and he basically ignored each other....He was so regal. He was so sad...He was so polite...He was exactly what I had been looking for....I said ok I will take the chance..I changed his name to Jake as it was more fitting and .....well its over 2 years later and Jake is doing fantastic. He is very happy now...one of the best things in my life was to take that chance....He is my morning Dog and its our time together...I truly do not know why people don't take the chance on older pups....I would not trade Jake for the world and I cherish every moment I have with him....I read a quote...'His time with me is worth more than my time with him....' I totally understand now!!!"
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