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Personalize your hotel stay to the very last detail at Naperville's Hotel Arista

There was a day and age when we thought a mint on our hotel pillow was personalized attention (we'll call them simpler times). Now, in the era of custom-designed everything and convenience at our fingertips 24/7, let's just say our expectations have been raised, especially when we travel (even if it's only out to the 'burbs). Enter the ultra exclusive "My Arista" service now available at Naperville's Hotel Arista, an eco-chic retreat (and the first LEED-certified hotel in Illinois) in the western suburbs.

"My Arista" allows guests to choose their own amenities upon booking their reservation on the hotel's Web site. How it works: After entering their reservation, confirmed guests receive an email with information on logging into the "My Arista" program. For there, intrepid travelers can select services and items to customize their stay, from favorite newspapers delivered to their hotel room doorstep to cribs, BlackBerry chargers and ideas for celebrating special occasions.

But, wait, there's more. Choose from 10 different pillows (including hypo-allergenic, buckwheat to ease back pain and the popular "Anti-Snore" model), or have an in-room Wii, treadmill or exercise bike set up. Need to relax? Request a book of poetry or philosophy (that should put you right out), a yoga DVD or an iPod pre-programmed with calming music. 

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