Winter Classic Cheers From Wrigley Rooftops

Park's neighbors ready to cash in on one-time event

The Winter Classic grows ever nearer, and with it, more details about what exactly fans can expect from the event. The other day, we learned what viewers from home could expect from the NBC broadcast -- namely a lot of pretty HD shots -- and got a sneak peek at the early construction on the rink that will sit atop one of baseball's most historic fields.

Now we're getting final confirmation on a remaining detail: whether or not rooftop owners would be allowed to open their services and cash in on the one-time event. According to the Southtown Star, they will.

The question now is not whether they rooftops will be opened, but whether people will pay for them. After all, this isn't a mid-June baseball game in beautiful 80-degree weather. This is Jan. 1. The weather will be cold and windy and inhospitable even for those on the ground; on the roof, well, anyone who left their house today can imagine what that will be like. Not fun.

Then again, if there's one thing Chicagoans are adept at, it's trudging through ugly conditions in the name of municipal enjoyment. We get over it, right? Perhaps that city-wide spirit will work on the rooftops as well; satisfied just to see the Winter Classic, maybe people will ignore that brutal wind. Maybe.

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