Wow, That's Nice

Righthand Man Jim sent me this gem the other day. It's the Irving Park Road intersection underneath the Kennedy Expressway right at Keeler. If you've driving by exiting the inbound side, you can't miss it. At some point, one of the homeless in the area just might pick up a loose piece of concrete and chuck it at a car. Yet in the meantime, we have to get all the sidewalks fixed in the loop ASAP.

Thanks City Hall.

**I was driving out towards the Elgin Toll Plaza on the Jane Addams when I was slogging thru slower traffic. When I got to the front of the line, I saw a State Police Car leading the way. Everyone's sitting impatiently behind him going 56 MPH. I had to ask myself...

"What would happen if I just blew past him?"

Have you ever wondered. I'm sure we've all been caught up in it when a car comes speeding along, and we all say to ourselves "Look out buddy!" and then (screeeeeeech). Jam on the breaks, can't pass the cop car. Bad idea.

For me, just once, I'd love to fly by. Let's see if he'd chase me, or would he care at all. Maybe the cop is sitting in the car taking bets on his partner about what mile marker someone will roll by. I could have won the guy $50 or something. What might have been.

**The charity train rolls into Geneva on Friday night. "Viva Geneva" has raised nearly $1 million in two decades to help student programs stay afloat and to fund scholarship programs for the Geneva Academic Foundation. It's my hometown, so I'm glad to help.

However, if you love shopping in Geneva (very popular in the summer), then come on out and get some great deals on State Street. I'll be raffling off prizes in the Old Courthouse Lawn on 3rd Street. Check out all the details here.

**This is a tough week around the Traffic Lounge. Our dancing upstart will move to her final song on Friday. Cassidy's last day on Dance Friday is this week as she moves up the ladder in television. Make sure you've got the TiVO set.

**Or just come down the Plaza where we are giving away two sets of tickets to Jimmy Buffett at Toyota Park this Saturday! (Ben Bowman isn't getting any tickets.)

**How's that Kennedy Expressway construction project treatin' ya? Having fun yet? (Swing over to Lake Shore Drive, it's empty!!!)

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