Wood Denies Rumors about Split with Marilyn Manson

Young Actress Still Respects Rocker Ex

A juicy, celeb-gossip story always attracts a lot of attention. But readers hoping for catfight tales and bitter quotes would be sorely disappointed by the recent break-up between actress Evan Rachel Wood and goth singer Marilyn Manson.

"I'm always going to love him and respect him," Wood told Usmagazine.com Sunday in Hollywood.

Wood also denied several internet rumors that the two split up because of a fight over her brother Ira.

"Manson and I both decided to take some time apart so we could concentrate on work. Someone used that opportunity to kick us while we were down and sell a completely false story," the actress told People Magazine.

Rumors had circulated that Ira had lived with the couple but was kicked out by Manson, resulting in a bitter fight between Evan and Marilyn. However, the 21-year-old actress said that her brother has never lived in Manson's house.

"You know, it's not the nasty thing everybody thinks it is," she said.

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