Women Beware: Stun Gun Robber Wants Your Bling

Police say victims are approached near shopping areas

Armed robbers are targeting women shoppers with a new and frightening threat.  Police are warning women after stun gun robbers strike twice in the affluent northern suburbs.

Investigators are trying to determine whether there is a connection between two recent armed robberies, which took place in Highland Park and Lake Forest at the end of last month. 

There are a number of similarities in the crimes. Both victims were approached by a man carrying a stun-gun-like device, and both were forced to turn over their rings.  In one case, the man took off with $15,000 worth of rings. 

Neither woman was harmed in the incidents.

Police have released sketches of the suspects in each case.  Both were described as white males about 5'9" or 5'10".
Both were said to have been wearing a stocking cap.

Authorities fear that the number of attacks could go up with the arrival of the holiday shopping season.

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