Winter White Snow Owl


BIRDS OF A FEATHER: A knack for bird loving will match up well with these Winter White Snow Owls. The little guys are made from feathers and raffia; 9 inches of pure animal instinct. $35. Available at Ampersand.

JUST CRABBY: Those who are one with nature will enjoy these sterling silver cuff links, cast from crab claws hand-picked from a beach in upstate New York and oxidized to bring out their antique appearance.  Available here.
APPLE A DAY: Recycling takes a whole new form with this Fruit and Vegetable Parchment Cuff Bracelet. It’s made from beets, starfruit and zuchini that;s been cured, pressed, aged and dried into a translucent parchment sheet, then fused to a copper cuff. Get them at Uncommon Goods.
ITS MAGIC: Guests may think they’ve had one too many cocktails, but you know the proof is in the pudding with this Chain Wine Bottle Holder. The links on the chromed iron chain are welded together and curve to hold the bottle in place, but it looks more like it’s floating in mid-air. Get it here and let the looks of disbelief ensue.
NOT YOUR BABY’S BIB: An adult-ish bib meets a necklace in the form of this stunning Rosette Bib Necklace, made of silk and polyester fabric with glass embellishment and ribbon closure. Get this dazzler at Banana Republic.
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