Win Your Bar Tab on Super Bowl Sunday

Bucktown's Lottie's Pub hosts Halftime Jameson Bowl

Are you an Arizona Cardinals fan? A Pittsburgh Steelers fan? 


Hmm… how about a Jameson and Absolut fan?  Ah, now we're talkin'.  If you're looking for something festive to do on Super Bowl Sunday without having to host your own time- and labor-intensive soiree, head out to Lottie's Pub in Bucktown for a low-key Super Bowl extravaganza.  In addition to $3 domestic pints and $4 Jameson, there will be a complimentary buffet of quesadillas, chicken wings, tater tots and other bar bites during halftime. Instead of watching the halftime show on TV, turn your attention to Lottie's Halftime Jameson Bowl, giving those who participate a chance to win big by "kicking field goals" for up to $250 in a Jameson and Absolut bar tab. 
Lottie's, a corner bar with a colorful past,  is located at 1925 W. Cortland Ave. 
To reserve a table for Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 1, call 312-735-1967.

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