Why Blago's Lawyers Quit

COMMENTARY: Real reasons revealed

The lawyers who represented Gov. Rod Blagojevich at his impeachment proceedings before the state House decided at the end of last week that they would not represent the governor at his state Senate trial, saying they would not participate in a "political lynching."

We here on the NBC Chicago impeachment desk have learned, however, of several other reasons why Ed Genson, Sam Adam, and Sam Adam Jr. bailed on Blago.

- Got a better offer from the government to prosecute Blago.

- Got a better offer to represent the 45-second bank robber.

- They got tired of Blago paying his bill in coins he filched from the Tollway Authority.

- Didn't want to ruin their perfect record in winning impeachments acquittals.

- Blago trial coincides with a mock trial competition in Asheville, North Carolina, that they really want to attend.

- Pat Quinn promised to name them to his new panel to clean up Illinois if they quit.

- Participating in a father-son-attorney potato sack race that day.

- Trial coincides with annual trip to the Gurnee Mills Outlet Mall.

- Disagreed with client over using the insanity defense.

- Because conviction is a foregone conclusion, setting up all possible avenues for legal strategy and appeals in upcoming criminal proceedings.

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