When Bachelorettes Collide

Jillian Harris, Jenn Schefft Waterman meet for first time

Getty Images

Let's get this catfight started already.

Jillian Harris -- the most recent contestant on the ABC show and now a Chicago resident -- and Jen Schefft Waterman, the Season 3 contestant on the show, finally met on Monday night.

And by all accounts, the meeting was ... pleasant

Both women were at a private Kelly Clarkson acoustic set at Hub51. Waterman told NBCChicago.com that it was great to finally meet Harris, and that she understands what she's going through.

"It brought me right back to when I was all of a sudden thrust into the limelight," Waterman said. "It's such a unique experience –- so much fun, but completely overwhelming at the same time. I told her just to enjoy it all and not worry about the negative press. I also assured her that things would die down eventually and life does go back to normal ... thankfully!"

Harris has been hounded by questions about her relationship with her fiance, Ed Swiderski, and Waterman was initially the "chosen one" on "The Bachelor" before starring in the "The Bachelorette" after things didn't work out with her fiance.

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