What's in Your Top Five?

New City Chicago lists their top five of everything

What is it about lists of favorites that we all seem to love?  Perhaps it goes back to the ‘Sound of Music,' when good old Sister Maria rattled off raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens as a few of her favorite things.  Or maybe it's our David Letterman-infused society of Top 10 lists.  Regardless, you can't escape the ''Top (insert favorite number here) List'' culture we've got going for us.  New City Chicago recently released their Top Five of Everything 2008 list.  They have some doozies, like ''Top 5 Ways the City of Chicago Plans to Beat Recession by Screwing Us''   and ''Top 5 Most Horrible Things Blago Did.'' 

Within the more general categories of film, music, art & museums, food & drink, books, stage and style are unique sub-categories like ''Top 5 Things I'm Happy I Ate This Year—Lower-End Dining'' which includes the falafel from Oasis Café.
Check out their lists and see if you agree or disagree with their picks, and offer up a few of your own faves below. 

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