What Would Alpana Singh Drink?

Have you ever been standing in the grocery store liquor section, stymied by the seemingly impossible decision: do you want a medium bodied pinot noir or a peppery malbec to pair with those succulent steaks you're going to grill for your dinner party? The idea pops into your head to “phone a friend,” but quite frankly, your friends know less about wine than you do.  If only you were friends with a master sommelier – then you'd work the speed dial so fast your head would spin.

Alpana Singh to the rescue!  The master sommelier, director of wine and spirits for Lettuce Entertain You restaurants and host of Check Please! doesn't have to be your best friend  -- she's offering advice on the world wide web.  Alpana has a new blog called ''What Would Alpana Drink?''  Sounds pretty good to us.  Along with expected wine recommendations in her posts, Alpana works in little surprises like recipes for sangria and fruit tea suggestions. And of course, just in time for the big holiday, she offers up advice on what to drink on Thanksgiving.  Thanks, Alpana.

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