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I voted for our govenor twice and I defended him relentlessly as others were trying to accuse him of wrong doing but this last episode is is disgusting. The language he uses is much less then acceptable. It's not just the fact he was trying to take advantage of the vacant senate seat, but the denying dollars for a medical facility because they have not donated a large sum to his campaign is appalling. He is disgusting. Yes, I voted for him, but he can no longer represent me. I know the damage of a sound bite, but as a govenment official, what he said cannot be excused even if I heard the entire conversation. 
 Thank You,  Breanna --  Beach Park, Ill.

It seems that by going on the road in a media blitz instead of going to his impeachment  hearing, the gov is more worried about his public image than his role as governor. What good can talking on "The View" do him when it isn't the public who will vote to impeach him? If he believes he's innocent, he should be at his hearing so he can answer questions. He's only interested in one side beinf heard, HIS side.  (Personally, I think he's a loon who's dirty.) 
Thanks Have a nice day.  Richard Reuter -- Naperville

Rod's issues really stem from Sen. M. Madigan's distaste for him. I doubt he'll get a fair trial in the state of Illinois.  I dont think he's completely innocent either, but again, I DO think Madigan started this whole process for personal reasons.

I believe we should concentrate of helping the president getting the economy moving Springfield will do what will do.

Per the media, other people are on the tapes with the Governor regarding the alleged sell of the vacant senate seat; however, only the Governor is being described as doing something wrong.  I find this hard to believe.

Perhaps someone is after the Governor, as he says.  We all know that if only a portion of the tapes are played, we will not hear enough to make a solid decision.     E.R. 

That mother%*@$er is guilty, any #*&@head knows that. What the @^*&, if he gets *%$&ing away with it were a bunch of %@$holes. Tom

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