We Gon’ Party Like It’s Your Birthday

Sub51 plans party weekend for owner's birthday

Marcus Riley

The only thing better than celebrating your own birthday and the requisite drunken shenanigans that come with it, is celebrating a friend's special day -- and the same justification for losing yourself.

Even if you're not close friends with Jerrod Melman, co-owner of Hub51, his birthday weekend is your gain.

Melman is bringing in some major name DJs this weekend to help him bring in the big 27. And instead of lamenting the fact that you don't own multiple restaurants by the age of 27, you're invited to the "Dance Your Pants Off" weekend.

On Thursday, New York's DJ Kiss and resident mixologist DJ Kem will get the party started in Sub51, the exclusive underground dance club in the basement of the restaurant.

On Friday night, highly acclaimed DJ Dante the Don takes over the wheels of steel and warm up the crowd for Saturday's big event, when the official And 1 Mixtape Tour rolls into town with DJ Konsept.

Try your luck at the door or grab a table reservation here.

And seriously. Please keep your pants on.

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