Water Logged Watering Can

A woodsy way to hydrate plants

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WATER ME: The Water Logged Watering Can from Sprout Home is made of recycled HDPE plastic and blends right in to surrounding foliage, which means you can leave it laying out after watering plants and no one will even notice your laziness. Available at Sprout Home: 745 N. Damen Ave.; 312.226.5950

LOCK AND KEY: The Key Chain Necklace by Vita comes equipped with two key chains shaped like hearts and strung on a gold chain. We’re just not sure if you can also string your keys on there as well? You be the judge. Veruca Salt has them.
MANSCAPING: November 10th through November 21st at Halo for Men, men can get pampered for 29 buckaroos. Think pumpkin facials, brown sugar infused manicure and pedicure combo, cinnamon and nutmeg aromatherapy massages and apple spice shaves for guys, served with hot toddy cocktails on the side. 21 W. Elm. Fidn out more at Halochicago.com
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