It's Good to be the King!

The Original Mother's Hosts 9th Annual Elvis Fest

Seventy-four years ago last week a baby was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Who knew that baby would grow up to be known as The King?

Despite his death 32 years ago, Elvis Presley still has a large following. He's the top earning dead celebrity. And even Thursday's Elvis Fest birthday bash at The Original Mother's (26 West Division St.) was reason enough for his fans to pack the joint.

"He was like a comet that come over the entire world as far as music trends. He opened the door for thousands and thousands of people. Even John Lennon and Little Richard said it wouldn't have happened without him," said Dick Biondi of True Oldies 94.7, a Hall of Fame broadcaster who was one of the first DJs to ever play Elvis on the radio.

Elvis Fest started nine years ago, and it's only grown since, attracting several Elvis impersonators, an Elvis painter, and hordes of fans taking advantage of the opportunity to listen to their favorite Elvis tunes and nosh on the peanut butter and banana sandwich buffet.

If you missed this year's festivities and want to get your jumpsuit on, don't fret -- there's less than 360 days until Elvis Fest 2010.

Raminder Chadha is a member of Nude Hippo TV and the NBC Chicago Street Team blog.

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