Viewers Soundoff on Flag Protest

NBC5 viewers responded to our story about Fr. Michael Pfleager’s protest in the morning “Soundoff” segment.  Among their comments are:

The flag display by Father Pflager is disgusting.  His time would be more well spent in his study creating new ways to reach the gunmen who obviously have no regard for human life.  Teaching the message of love is his job, not cheap, disrespectful publicity stunts.  Were he, other clergy and parents doing their jobs effectively, we would need to disrespect the grand symbol of our great country. --- Jeffrey

I'm not offended by Fr. Michael Pfleger's lasted antics, just Pfleger in general. He is an egomaniac who requires media attention, and he goes to extremes to make sure he gets it.  This is this greatest country in the world, and he should be using his position to empower people to support America, not retaliate against her. --- Angela Fleege

In substance, the flag is but a piece of cloth.   At best, it is a symbol.  Of what,  every American is free to determine.  If it is viewed as a symbol of our Country, then what aspects of our Country does it stand for?  To some it may be the principles set forth in our Bill of  Rights.  To others it may represent prejudice, poverty, lack of opportunity or tolerance of crime.  All these things exist in our society.  For some, it may simply represent the right to go to a ball game and have a hot dog and a beer.  Our government, Congress included, does not have the right to dictate to us what the flag means or what we should revere or hold dear.  If it means anything universal, it stands for our right to decide what it does stands for and to display it, if at all, any way we choose.  -- Bruce Roberts

I believe its about time someone does SOMETHING about this SERIOUS problem. This is a HUGE distress that too many people are ignoring.  People should feel ashamed that they take more action over a death of a dog, which does NOT have a Soul, than they do over a human life!!! These are CHILDREN dying for heaven sakes!  WHAT'S your reason for NOT standing up for the lives of children?!?!?

People that kill with guns are going to kill with or without laws

Two weeks ago I sent my son to Iraq, to defend what the United State Flag represents.  This local PRIEST should take pride and hold our flag right side up, remembering the many lives lost that have given him the rights we all enjoy and in many cases abuse, UNITED we will find an answer ..... 

There are so many other problems in the world. we should try and stop whats happening right in our backyard. it is not offending whatsoever to put the flag up upside down. we need to take a stand to stop violence

Fr. Pflegler, is taking a neighborhood problem and squeezing attention out of it.

The priest who flies the flag upside down should be hung upside down from the flag pole!  It is disrespectful, not only to the flag, but to those who have fought and died to make this country free.  Disrespectful flying of the flag, ESPECIALLY in this case should be considered a slam against the country, government, and the brave men and women whose blood was spilled for it!  --  Richard Coslet

If the community members don't know which of their friends and relatives are in the gangs that are committing these murders--who does?
They should be taking drastic direct action to, as a group, confront the neighborhood thugs, even if they are friends and family.
There is strength in numbers. This is a time for drastic community group action--NOT--attention grabbing headlines that deters any respect for the cause. Fr. Pflegler is letting his personal need for media attention get in the way of clear, concise, results producing action.  --  CJ Martello

Guns don’t kill ------ people do.   Take away their guns and they will kill with knives or some other way.     Don’t take our freedoms away because they are “murderers”.

Don’t fly our flag upside-down…….honor it and respect it!   Live Free or Die ---- (motto of the state of New Hampshire)  --- Chicago born, Karen Roehr

First, I cannot condone the flying of an American Flag upside down for any reason.

Secondly, I think the best thing the Catholic Church could do is; send Fr. Phlegaer to Ruwanda or some other country of similiar consequence and see how long the government or people tolerate his antics.

Funny how one can mock his country without any repercussions, nice to spit in freedoms face, nice to believe that the Second Amendment does NOT protect the first.  Lenin, Marx, Mao, Stalin, Fr Pflaeger???? --- Marshall Reagle,
former Mayor of Barrington

This may make the congregation and residents of the area feel good, and make them believe they are doing something to prevent violence, however it is just symbolism.

We already have gun laws - and they didn't fix it.  Why? These criminals always know a way to get at guns. It simply keeps us from getting guns easily.

It will take everyone taking an active part. Everyone has to report everything they see and hear to the authorities - everyone working together can get more of these gang members or other criminals off the streets.

Everyone has to stop being intimidated and afraid and ensure they do their part every time.  --- Sabine

I think his form of protest is disgusting and unAmerican.  He is blaming the law-abiding citizens for creating this problem.  He should be denouncing thos that commit the crimes.  As long as he blames someone else he creates a haven, an excuse for bad behavior.  The answer would be to denounce the bevavior.  Let the police arrest those that commit crimes and stop them from hiding behind racial profiling. ---  Kevin D. Parker

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