Fitzy Has Book Publisher In His Sights

Patrick Fitzgerald believes book maligns his reputation

Most of us would run in the opposite direction if we got a hint of Patrick Fitzgerald on our trail.

Afterall, Fitzgerald  has a long resume of prosecutorial success, and Scooter Libby's isn't the only high-profile conviction Fitzgerald has garnered.

But, apparently a national book publisher is less intimidated by the U.S. Attorney.

Newsweek is reporting that, "In the past year and a half, Fitzgerald has written four letters to HarperCollins—owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.—demanding it 'cease publication' and 'withdraw' copies of Triple Cross, a 2006 book by ex–TV newsman Peter Lance that criticizes Fitzgerald's handling of terror cases in New York in the 1990s."

The magazine goes on to say that Fitzgerald's efforts to stop the publication of the book became even more heated last week, when he wrote a letter saying, "To put it plain and simple, if in fact you publish the book this month and it defames me or casts me in a false light, HarperCollins will be sued."

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