Up in Smoke: Illinois’ Biggest Drug Busts

The most amazing pot, pill and drug arrests on record.

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Oh, THAT pot. Ummm, it's for the dog.
April 2013 |
O'Hare Officials said a drug dog on Monday afternoon sniffed out a shipment of more than 30 pounds of opium-saturated materials inside four international mail shipments.
January 2013|
Police said they recovered drugs at the pair of locations, one on the 1300 block of Darrow Avenue and the other on the 2000 block of Warren Street.
December 2012|
Police said were charged and three pit bulls were killed during a drug bust early Saturday in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.
November 2012|
Will County Forest Preserve Police burned more than 400 marijuana plants Saturday morning after a hidden field of the illegal crop was discovered the previous week.
Police said they found 14 mature cannabis plants, thirty seedlings, and drug and grow paraphernalia at Juro Konstantinov's home in Glenview while conducting a routine eviction. The Cook County Sheriff's Police North Narcotics Team seized 5000 grams of cannabis worth an estimated street value of $40,000.
June 2011 |
Arnulfo Saldana (L) and Hugo Sanchez (R) were arrested after police found more than 800 pounds of marijuana and $57,000 in cash on Chicago's southwest side.
April 2011 | |
Three tons of marijuana was found in a moving truck in Stone Park. The amount found was worth over $27 million.
April 2011 |
Over $1.5 billion worth of heroin was seized on the southwest side.
March 2011 |
Over $8 million worth of pot was seized from two north side homes. Of the four men convicted, only one was in the U.S. legally.
March 2011 |
Chicago Police seized $93,000 worth of cocaine and $30,000 in cash.
Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office
February 2011 |
Thirteen alleged members of two drug rings were arrested.
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December 2010 |
In what authorities are calling the largest pot bust in Chicago, nearly 11 tons of marijuana were found into six railroad cars arriving from Mexico.
November 2010 |
nMore than 200 marijuana plants, ranging from mere inches to over 5 feet tall, were seized in a raid a home on the 7400 block of South Lafayette Ave. in Englewood.
November 2010 |
Aliu Burim, 28, was arrested after police allegedly found 69 pounds of marijuana in his 2010 GMC Yukon. A drug-sniffing dog led police to the stash valued at $350,000.
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September 2010 |
Giovanni Lyles-Dawson told cops "There's no weed in the car because I smoked it all," when he was pulled over for expired license plates.
September 2010 |
Chad Lowrence of Crystal Lake was arrested three times this year for possession of heroin charges while awaiting his trial for a residential burglary he allegedly committed in 2008.
September 2010 |
Police arrested Juan Gonzalez, 55 and Julio Corral, 52, both of Cicero, after finding 2,000 grams of cocaine in their possession worth $600,000.
September 2010 |
A young west suburban Naperville woman faces a potential 40-year prison term for illegally possessing 201 ecstacy pills.
Chicago Police
August 2010 |
In one week, Chicago Police seized $1.7 million in drugs, arrested 48 people and seized 14 guns including an AK-47.
July 2010 |
Members of the Chicago Police Department seized 26 kilos of cocaine (estimated street value of $3.5 million) after tailing two vehicles in an ongoing investigation. Officers also recovered over $1 million in cash.
June 2010 |
Chicago police officers made one of the biggest drug busts in Chicago history when they arrested a Lyons man stashing 5,525 pounds and $20 million worth of marijuana in his home.
Pontiac Police Department
May 2010 |
Authorities found between 300 and 350 pounds of pot aboard this plane.
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May 2010 |
A man accused of smashing his car into a tree and killing his girlfriend's 5-year-old son while being drunk and high on marijuana.
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May 2010 |
Cops arrested a CTA worker after he was caught selling marijuana at the Wilson Red line stop.
March 2010 |
Forty-two packages of cocaine, $12,000 in cash and seven guns that were recovered during the arrest of an alleged gang member in March, police said.
March 2010 |
A Southwest Side auto repair shop is suspected of being a cover for a large-scale drug trafficking operation. Police find $8 million worth of narcotics, handguns, vehicles and cash.
February 2010 |
Librarian Heidi Keller and teacher Adrian Ortiz were busted by Cook County Sheriff's for growing pot in their Bridgeport home. Sheriff Tom Dart said it was a $250,000 take.
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February 2010 |
Police in Tuscola, Illinois pulled over a truck with more than two tons -- yes tons -- of herb in the back. Police there called it a record bust.
February 2010 |
A massive amount of marijuana, with an estimated value of over $9.3 million, was seized last week by Illinois State Police.
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February 2010 |
An East St. Louis man was found guilty of possessing and distributing more than 220 pounds of marijuana
February 2010 |
Zion police found a grow room in the basement of a high school dean's house. She's since taken a leave of absence.
February 2010 |
Park Ridge police discovered
22 pounds of pot in the suburban home of Hyung J. Park, 22.
Illinois State Police
July 2009 |
Illinois State Troopers pulled over a semi in Bloomington, Illinois
carrying more than one ton of mary jane. The haul was valued at more than $10 million.
Kane County Sheriff
Juan Quinones-Barraza was arrested and charged with two counts of possession on Oct. 13. Kane County Police found 6 ounces of cocaine with a street value of $15,000.
Michelle Relerford
October 2012 |
Police discover two football fields worth of Marijuana while flying overhead in a helicopter.
October 2012|
Last month Villa Park's police chief allegedly made a pot bust right outside his home.
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