Turkey Detox

Izo Cleanze starts delivering to Chicago

Did a little over-indulging this past weekend, did we?

We hear ya.
Gravy, mashed potatoes, too many slices of pie --  the list goes on and on.
And now we have to get back into tip-top shape asap to look good at our upcoming holiday parties. Sounds like fun.
Good thing that iZO Cleanze has just started delivery to Chicago. Formerly only available on the West and East coasts (what else is new?), now the raw, vegan, organic juice and superfood cleanse program is available for delivery in Chicago.
If you need to lose a few pounds asap or just want to cleanse your system from all the holiday eating, iZO Cleanze is making it pretty easy to do so.
 iZO Cleanze delivery service provides fresh organic juices, teas and superfoods directly to customers’ doorsteps each morning by 10:30 am.
12 juices a day, pure as it can be; concoctions like green juice (a blend of pure green veggies) and red juice (beets, apples and a whole lot more) arrive at your doorstep chilled and ready to rock. All you have to do is be able to stomach them (and only them, no food -- or sugar allowed). You can choose as little as three days, or you can try it for longer. iZO Cleanse founder Tim Martin did the cleanse for 100 days. We have no idea how he survived that long, but we disgress.  
The cleanse is a designed to transform a person’s health by completely detoxifying the colon, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and blood of toxins, parasites and heavy metals. And it’s said to give the immune system a little boost, help with rapid weight loss, improve sleeping patterns and more.
We doubt that’ll cure our craving for a donut and coffee in the morning, but what the heck, it’s worth a try for a few days -- and surely worth losing some extra poundage.
For more information visit www.izocleanze.com
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