TRU’s Rick Tramonto Hands in His Knives

Accomplished chef following "other culinary pursuits"

One of Chicago's most decorated chefs is vacating his post.

The 312 Dining Diva reported Thursday that Tramonto is leaving TRU and Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises to "follow other culinary pursuits."

Chef Anthony Martin, who has been at the restaurant since 2008, will replace Tramanto, according to a press release.

The parting appears to be far from bitter, as Tramonto is quoted as toughting his replacement's "talent and creativity," and that he has "enormous amount of respect and admiration for what he does."

Tramonto's accomplishments include a James Beard Foundation regional "Best Chef" award in 2002. He competed on the currrent season of "Top Chef: Masters,"  and a  few years ago was a vocal opponent of the city's foie gras ban.

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