Tricoci Spring Hair Trends

Legendary Chicago hairstylist Mario Tricoci has been around for over 30 years creating coifs, and he definitely knows what's in and what's out.  He showed NBC Chicago five new hair trends for this spring and summer that are all about movement:

  1. For ladies with long tresses: romantic waves. Tricoci says that you can do this look at home, just use seven rollers in seven sections, roll them up and let them loose for romantic soft waves that look natural.
  2. For ladies with shorter hair: the updated bob. Today's look is more rounded and gives the wearer more styling options from sleek to tousled. Just a touch of styling lotion and gloss cellophane makes hair shiny for both women and men.
  3. The rock and roll cut: fresh and easy going, you should be able to put your hands through it and play with it. The haircut is overall even, and then the hair expert chips away at the ends to give it some edge and texture.
  4. The fringed bangs: straight, aggressive and bold. Similar to the bob, but with emphasis on the bangs.
  5. For guys: the "cropped freedom" look is tailored and cropped around the ears and neck with longer locks on top. "Its no longer one of these shaved hair cuts on the sides, but it has body, it has volume to the hair, but cropped, short hair is in," says Tricoci.

His advice to clients: make the time for every 6-8 weeks for one good haircut, and choose a professional hairstylist to work with you to create your look.

"At the end of the day.....the guest wants to come here because she wants to look good and we know if she looks good she's going to feel good," says Tricoci.

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