Trash That Wedding Dress

Another use for your beloved wedding gown

Oh, the white dress.

Many brides think of this as the most important aspect of a wedding (perhaps we forgot about the groom?), which is ironic, considering you wear it once and then it’s thrown into a closet where it accumulates moth balls.
So instead of throwing the gown in the corner, use it one last time (or actually, a second time) for a hoot. Why not throw it in the river, toss it on the El tracks, or perhaps spray paint the hell out of it for good measure?
Why on earth would you do such a thing?
Because when you do, photographer Kevin Weinstein will be there, camera in hand, to document it.
“Mess (or Trash) the Dress” is one of the many non-traditional packages the photographer offers; a chance to shoot edgier photos that contrast the habitual wedding party shots at random  locations. Think anywhere and everywhere.
And since photos don’t come cheap, Weinstein is offering a Wedding Photography Black Friday deal -- 20 percent off of The Album Package if booked from Black Friday, November 27th through December 4th.
Just a trashy little after thought for your big day.
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