Vertigo Kidd CD Release


"They killed our DJ's and stole our airwaves... this means WAR!"

Vertigo Kidd is musical disguise of Chicago Public Radio reporter Michael Rhee. This past week he, along with Austin Bale, Erik Rasmussen and others, released the debut ep, Pirate Radio and in turn waged a personal war on mainstream radio. This release is filled many of the elements of traditional pop, but since it was done independently will not be granted the attention it deserves. Blending electronics with a more traditional sense of rock, the ep crosses genres (and oceans, "Hawaii") effortlessly in just four songs. The album and beautiful cover by Becca Heuer can be purchased digitally here, or you can attend Vertigo Kidd's release party tomorrow night (May 22nd) at Silvie's Lounge, (1902 W Irving Park Rd). Also performing tomorrow night will be Blue Eyed Jesus and John Drake band, and it all begins at 9:00pm.

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