Two Chicago Natives Team Up to Help A Worthy International Cause


Chicago natives filmmaker Alex Beh and guitarist for pop-punk band Fall Out Boy Joe Trohman are teaming up for a good cause tomorrow night and hosting an event to support the non-profit organization Falling Whistles.

The two met at New Trier High School, and collaborated on the film The Laundry, which they will be screening at the event.

The Falling Whistles organization uses the symbol of the whistle to call individuals to courage and join local leaders inside the Democratic Republic of Congo to build a Free World. The war-zone of the Democratic Republic of Congo has been an ongoing feud that has resulted in a torn country and countless lives (many children) lost. Actual whistles are sold along with the story of the organization and ask people to be whistleblowers for the war. The proceeds go to rehabilitate child-soldiers in Congo.

The event has been billed as "a huge collaboration of artists, musicians, designers, activists, dancers etc, all using their talents for human freedom." Sounds like a good reason to throw back a few drinks and check out a new film, all while helping heal a country and children that really need aid and support.

The event will be held at Angels and Kings tomorrow, February 5, at 8 p.m. Angels and Kings is located at 710 N. Clark.

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