The Loney Swedes Invade Champaign


Champaign's Polyvinyl Records manager, Seth Hubbard announced today that they had signed Sweden's indie darlings Loney Dear, and plan to release their sophomore album, Dear John, on January 29th. He said, "We are so excited to be working with Loney Dear. Loney, Noir has been an office favorite since it came out so we jumped at the chance to work with such a great band." After a great deal of buzz was generated in 2006, Sub Pop records released the bands debut album Loney, Noir early last year. Lead singer Emil Svanängen describes the new album as a "marvelous album in dark shades with a lava-like glow from underneath". The band plans to tour the states in early 2009.

[MP3] Loney Dear - I Am John (from Loney, Noir)

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