PB&J–The Real Living Thing


That whistling band from Sweden. That's how most would probably describe the band Peter Bjorn and John, that exploded on the US music scene two summers ago with the catchy song "Young Folks." The rest of Writers Block followed along this trend with more whistling and more pop songs, but also some darker experimental tracks, hinting of what was to come from this group. Last year the group put together a mostly instrumental album (with some spoken word) called Seaside Rock that varied in genre from caribbean jam to, well, seaside rock. Their latest album, Living Thing, is the trio at it's finest thus far--serious, percussion heavy, minimalist indie rock (with a couple paul simon-esque tracks thrown in for good measure...).

While the trio has been busy together, they also have solo projects on the burner as well. Peter Moren released a solo album last year (on Chicago's own Touch and Go label) venturing more into the singer-songwriter arena, while Bjorn Yttling has been busy producing other artists such as fellow Sweed breakout Lykke Li.

Opening for Peter Bjorn and John at Metro this Thursday, April 23, is the charming Chairlift, whose debut album, Does You Inspire You was released just this week. Their song "Bruises" is yet another song you probably heard in an iPod commercial. Both bands were among the lineup announced this week playing Lollapalooza, but if you want to catch either of them in a smaller venue than Grant Park this year (at least in the city of Chicago), this will likely be your last chance to do so. Tickets are still available for tomorrow night's show, but act fast, because getting all the way to the venue just to find out that it sold out that day, well, it really sucks. The show starts at 9pm. Tickets are $20. 3730 N. Clark St. 18 & up.

Here is a look at Peter and John talking about their particular brand of pop experimentalism, and using old elements and influences to create modern sounds:

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