On June 18 Fashion :: Sex :: Music series brings in Godsgirls, drops the beat


Fashion :: Sex :: Music is a multi-disciplinary event series hosted by Godsgirls.com [NSFW]--a Suicide Girls-type site that takes things a bit further--that aims to showcase and cross promote fashion, sex, music, and art in a single night. With attractive girls in lingerie, a photo-installation from the site, a mixed media and fashion installation by My Broken Heart Mafia, and a diverse, dance-oriented sound from an all-girl DJ lineup, FSM delivers more than just another hipster dance music night.

The night also encourages community building and intra-industry networking by concurrently billing itself as a meetup for The Chicago Fashion Industry on Meetup.com, a group that has amassed more than 1,000 members. Judging by the comments and introductions on the site, the group is filled with ambitious and dedicated amateurs and professionals alike who work within or on the periphery of the fashion industry in Chicago. Combined with the increasing focus on Chicago as a fashion hub (with the relatively recent Chicago Fashion Week, for instance), grass-roots efforts like FSM that reach out to build a thriving network may help bolster Chicago's image as a fashion resource as well as a thriving and innovative music community.


Liz Revision
(Chicago, minimal-techno / electrohaus / tech-house / dance)
Fathom (Chicago, dance)
Avi Sic (Chicago, dance)
Hilary Rawk (Chicago, disco-funk-dance)


MBH Mafia: Creating Cross Disciplinary Art Through Collaboration

Fashion :: Sex :: Music, June 18
Sonotheque, 1444 W Chicago Ave
21+, $5, 9:0pm - 2:00am

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