No Strings Attached


Do you have nimble fingers, no sense of shame, and a repertoire of jaw-dropping dance moves? Perhaps you should consider entering the 2009 US Air Guitar Championships. Steadily growing in size since 1998, US Air Guitar now hosts competitions in 25 cities. Yes, you read that right. There's no denying that plenty of people still love watching burned-out hair bands perform, but the USAG Championships are guaranteed to provide more thrills than a Spinal Tap reunion tour. You'll have to check for a pulse if you can't get excited about watching half-drunk headbangers laden with layers of spandex rocking out (without a guitar) to Accept's Balls to the Wall and other rock n' roll "classics". The 2009 US champion will travel to Oulu, Finland to represent the United States in the Air Guitar World Championships. Last year's champion, Hot Lixx Hulahan, will be looking to repeat. Chicago's competition will be held at Metro on June 6th and you can purchase tickets this Friday, March 27th on USAG's website. No need to wait if you're planning on competing, you can sign up on the website today.

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