Loyal Divide “Labrador EP”


First impressions are everything. People can decide whether they like you or hate you in a handshake, and the same thought applies to music. In the first ten second an album can be sold or lost. When I received the new ep from Chicago's Loyal Divide I fully expected an assault of garage rock or lo-fi indie tones, but what I heard was atmospheric electronic tones with a solid beat. The remarkable thing is that the beats just kept coming. From the crunchy stomp of "Young Blades" to the squealing electro vibrations of "Labrador" to the angelic shuffle of the closer "Vision Vision", this Ep will move you. Recently featured on RCRD LBL and self-released, the Labrador Ep is now available at CD Baby, but we have a copy that the band is letting us give away to the first person to leave a comment. (Make sure to leave an e-mail address)

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