Kid, You'll Move Mountains @ Metro (CD Release)


Truly independent music has an urgency that you don't always find in major label or even indie label releases. Perhaps it is the fact that the band has something more substantial invested or that they are more focused on each step of the process, but as you listen to the debut album from the suburban band Kid You'll Move Mountains you can feel that urgency. Formed from the ashes of Lookout! Records Troubled Hubble, KYMM has been playing together locally since 2006. Members Jim Hanke, Corey Wills, and Nina, Andrew and Nate Lanthrum, see 2009 as their opportunity to launch their sound and their new self-released album Loomings into the national eye.

Loomings is a mixture of the indie pop and alt-country with the kick being the alternating vocals by Jim and Nina. When the two trade off lead vocals, as in the lead single "Volts", the results are, well... electric. In other songs like "Inside Voice", the two lay their melodies over an aggressive bed of piano pop. To keep the album local the band enlisted local designer and musician Marky Hladish of The Felix Culpa and Venna and his company MidwestLove Art & Design to work on the cover. The result is an album that is a visually appealing as it is musically, and an album that the band will officially be launching with a release party this Friday, January 2nd at the Metro with three other great up and coming Chicago bands. Joining them that night will be The Sapiens, Picture Books (who are also releasing a new ep that night), and Pool of Frogs. Tickets are $8 and the show starts at 9:00pm.

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