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Female rappers have always received a lot of flak. Despite the effort of many artists to reform the hip hop scene, misogyny and aspersion still remain commonplace. Perhaps that's one of the reasons Chicago rapper Melisa Young is such a breath of fresh air. Instead of grumbling about beefs, she'd rather have everyone going wild on the dance floor. Known as Kid Sister, she blew up on the radar almost overnight after the release of her single "Pro Nails". Also featured in the single is Chicago's own Kanye West, whom you may have heard of. Since then, she's been busy popping up on magazine covers, getting interviewed, and working on Dream Date, her debut album.

Getting your fingernails done, telephones, and beepers--these are just some of the finer things in life that Kid Sister focuses her rhymes on. They help define Kid Sister as a carefree party starter rather than just another female rapper people compare to Missy Elliot. Fans love her upbeat personality, hip fashion sense, and catchy beats. To an extent, Kid Sister is a throwback to old school hip hop acts that focused on having fun as opposed to east coast-west coast rivalries. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince immediately come to mind.

Until Dream Date drops in January, you're going to have to get your Kid Sister fix some other way. Come out Wednesday, November 26th to the "Get Fresh" single release party at The Metro, where Kid Sister worked just two short years ago. She will be performing with DJs Autobot and J2K (the latter happens to be her brother). Together they're known as Flosstradamus and are widely considered to be the best DJs in Chicago, but you already knew that. Wednesday's all ages show starts at 7pm and tickets are $16. 3730 N. Clark St. Call 773.549.0337 for more info.

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