It Ain't Easy Being Indie in the Windy City

As early as Saturday morning, word was making the rounds that the non-profit performance space AV-aerie had (once again) run into zoning issues with the City of Chicago. A benefit show being held at the venue on Friday evening had been raided and shut down by authorities, and now the venue (with the help of the Empty Bottle and other parties) was reportedly scrambling to move future AV-aerie shows to other venues around the city. This morning, TOC's Areif Sless-Kitain blogged about the AV-aerie's troubled state of affairs.

On a related note: Talk to anyone who's been involved in event booking or promotion in Chicago, and they'll tell you it's an exceedingly tough place to try and do business. With that in mind, Greg Kot posted an update on the current status of the city's proposed "Chicago Promoters Ordinance" via his column at the Trib.

Also, The Reader's Miles Raymer chimes in on both of the above topics here and here.

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