Hootenanny for the Headstrong

Given that this stretch of the Greater Midwest has long been a hive for breakcore activity, it's weird how little of it ever goes off in Chicago. Maybe it's because the breakcore crowd largely adheres to the original rave happening em-oh, and such events are most likely to take place in a warehouse on the outskirts of Pittsburgh or (no, not kidding) a barn in Wisconsin than at a legit/above-ground venue with a liquor license and neighbors who just might be inclined to complain about the noise.

When it comes to breakcore, many would argue that Venetian Snares (aka Winnipeg's Aaron Funk) pretty much rules the roost. Back when Aphex Twin dropped off the radar as Most Innovative And Commonly Revered As God-like Mad Genius of the electronic-music community about five or so years ago, Mr. Snares immediately stepped in to fill the breach. Averaging about 3-4 albums' worth of released material per annum, he maintains a top-tier status in breakcore subculture as an artist who defines (and pushes to re-define) the boundaries of leftfield extremist "electronica" -- including a few side-stepping excursions into string quartet chamber music.

Venetian Snares will be playing at Reggies Rock Club tomorrow evening, Friday the 5th, headlining an evening of nosebleed-inducing splatterbeats and bleeps. Joining him on the roster will be fellow and high-productivist squelch-wrangler Otto Von Schirach, who's currently traveling with VSnares as part of their "Detrimental Disco Wibble" joint tour. Cyrusrex, DJ Naha, Surachai, and Flashbulb are also piling onto the bill. With visual accompaniment by VJ Dizypixl. It ain't a party until someone calls for a medic! Doors open at 8 PM, and it's a 17 & over show. Tickets are $20, $25 the day of. 2109 S. State Street.

[video]: Venetian Snares - "Pink + Green"
[video]: Venetian Snares - "Hiszékeny"
[video]: "Notes On Breakcore" (documentary excerpt)

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