Hey, No Moping on the Dancefloor

When he first slunk on the scene earlier in the decade, Superpitcher (a.k.a. Aksel Schaufler) delivered a heads-up to electronic-music fans when his 2001 breakthrough track "Heroin" first popped up via the Cologne-based Kompakt label. Riding on minor-key washes and a dark, foregrounded bassline, the tune demonstrated Superpitcher's wont for augmenting Kompakt's minimalist tech-house thump with shades of "micro-goth" moodiness and dejected romanticism.

His highly-touted 2004 debut LP Here Comes Love saw him moving toward a slight more melodic, song-oriented approach -- with Schaufler delivering whispered vocals throughout and sometimes draping the shadowy grooves with a Roxy Music-styled melodic lushness. But more recently, he's mostly been working with Kompakt labelmate Michael Mayer under the Supermayer moniker. The duo have cranked out a plethora of remixes, and released the dazzlingly eclectic and upbeat Save The World album in 2007. If anything, both parties have proven that the standard Kompakt formula isn't immune to radical and unexpected overhauls.

This Friday night, Superpitcher puts in a headlining appearance behind the decks for the latest in Smart Bar's series of "Kompakt Sessions" events. His DJ sets have been known to run the range between uptempo sad-bastard indie pop and full-on tech-house bangers. Daniel Mnookin and Brian Ffar get everything started for the opening sets. Doors open at 10 PM, admission is $10 before midnight, and $15 after. 3730 North Clark Street.

[video]: Superpitcher - live DJ set
[audio]: Superpitcher - "Heroin"
[video]: Hot Chip - "One Pure Thought (Supermayer remix)"

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