Heading South to SXSW 2009: Blueblood, Day 4

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[The latest update from Thom of Blueblood as the boys shake off the road dust and head into Lincoln, NE on their way to SXSW 2009. This was their stop on Monday before they took a day off to celebrate St. Patrick's Day yesterday. BTW: if you Twitter, you can follow Blueblood there, too.]

Lincoln, Nebraska is a cute little town. The area the venue was located in, reminded me of old western movies. No tumble weeds rolled past us, unfortunately.

Arriving at the venue, we started playing the X-Men: Children of the Atom arcade game. Shaun dominated 17 matches. Each of the rest of us took turns losing to Shaun. Taking the role of Cyclops, Shaun used moves such as optic blasts, mega optic blasts, flying knee kicks and super upper cuts to squash his opponents. Using 15-hit combos really provided an advantage in winning. Golly- what a cool game. You know... if you remember the combos and moves from Street Fighter or even Mortal Kombat, they can work for X-Men as well, as well.

We found that the local band had cancelled. Which leaves us and another touring act to play that night. Kinda lame. Believe it or not, Blueblood doesn't draw well in Lincoln, Ne. Especially on a Monday night.

Also... We'd been drinking at local bars before getting to the venue. On top of that, I ate a lot of infused banana bread, that we later discovered was moldy.

Michael in the van.

We took to the stage, pretty wasted. We played prolly our worst set ever. In fact, I skipped key parts and changes in songs. It was super embarrassing. I couldn't even concern myself with how the others played.

The other band and the staff at Box Awesome, were super nice to us. BA even donated some cash to us!

We went back to our hotel and immediately ordered Domino's pizza.

The van was backed up to the hotel window. It had all our gear in it. And that fine. Since built a wooden box in the back can't be accessed without opening the back door. We also have a commercial lock on the rear door. Anyway.. Its safe. But in my state... I thought I heard people creepin on the van. So I decided to stay awake to make sure the van and our gear was safe.

That lasted about 30 seconds.
I was fast asleep.

We couldn't get a show for Tuesday, the 17th. So.. We are visiting my friend, Randy in Kansas City, MO, for St. Patrick's Day celebrating.

After the mass amounts of booze, etc.. We've consumed and two quiet shows... We're really hoping for Wednesday's show in Denton, Texas turns things around.


SXSW tour dates for Blueblood

March 13th- Milwaukee, WI, Frank's Power Plant
March 14th- Madison, WI, The Frequency
March 15th- Des Moines, IA, Vaudeville Mews
March 16th- Lincoln, NE, Box Awesome
March 17th- Kansas City, MO, (day off celebrating St. Pats.)
March 18th- Denton, TX, Dan's Silverleaf
March 19th- Austin, TX, Co-Lab Eastside Escape, 4pm
March 20th- Austin, TX, Brodown Hoedown II Day Party @ Back Alley Social, 2pm
March 21st- Austin, TX, Reggie's Chicago Day Party @ The Jackalope, 3pm

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