Heading South to SXSW 2009, Blueblood, Day 2

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[The next installment from Thom of the band Blueblood as they travel from Chicago to Austin to play shows at SXSW.]

Day Two: Madison

Got into Wisconsin's capital, and were able to load all the gear through the alley.

We then visited Otis Redding's memorial. After that and a short walk in search of coffee, we parked near the venue and sorta slept, kinda, not really. Shaun, in the driver's seat decides that his button-down shirt should be sleeveless. So he ripped the sleeves off. Chippendale style.

We pretty much exhausted our tour of Madison, so sitting in the van was the most exciting thing to do at the time. Shaun and I drank a few beers, while Michael and Mark slept.

So, the show at The Frequency..

Shaun in the morning

The first band of the night, Juniper Tar, (Milwaukee) was a surprise. An American ensemble that kept everyone's attention throughout their entire set.

They were super-cool dudes too. We stayed in the green room for the second hanging out with Juniper Tar. When bb went on it was to a mediumi-ly crowded room... We played surprisingly well... Especially since we blasted through our free drink tickets.
The headliner, National Beekeepers Society, was another wonderful band that night. Kinda like a Pavement w/balls. Nick, the singer, invited us to stay at his place. Nick was a spitting image of Ryan Gosling. Girls melt in his wake. We then extended our invite to the Juniper Tar guys. Whose singer, Jason looks like Paul Rudd, or Jason Patric.. Depending on what time of the night it was.

We packed up and two vans followed Nicks little Toyota station wagon for about 10 minutes to the house he shares with his girlfriend and an insane cat. We lugged our cooler from the van, expecting a party. But after a bunch of us got stoned, some guys retreated back to the vans. Nick, his gf and his mentally challenged cat provided 2 air mattresses, blankets.. The whole bit. It was nice. The Tylenol mixed with the alcohol in my system, and I passed out. We slipped off into sleep, amongst a background of Nick and his gf having relations-sounds. This was before we all sat in silence as Neutral Milk Hotel's ..."Aeroplane Over the Sea, " played through side A. No one said a word. Awkward in theory, but totally necessary.

We awoke the next day to the cat attacking our limbs. Rubbed some water in our eyes. Said bye to the Juniper Tar guys, and pushed off to Iowa.

Arriving in Des Moines, we found a city much like how we left it about a year earlier. Sparse and creepy.

About to headline a 5-band bill.

The pub next door is very welcoming to us right now.

Tomorrow: Lincoln, NE.


SXSW tour dates for Blueblood

March 13th- Milwaukee, WI, Frank's Power Plant
March 14th- Madison, WI, The Frequency
March 15th- Des Moines, IA, Vaudeville Mews
March 16th- Lincoln, NE, Box Awesome
March 17th- Kansas City, MO, (day off celebrating St. Pats.)
March 18th- Denton, TX, Dan's Silverleaf
March 19th- Austin, TX, Co-Lab Eastside Escape, 4pm
March 20th- Austin, TX, Brodown Hoedown II Day Party @ Back Alley Social, 2pm
March 21st- Austin, TX, Reggie's Chicago Day Party @ The Jackalope, 3pm

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