Hangin', Bangin' Halloween

After the deluge of 2nd-gen, 3rd-rate Bmore styled remixes that glutted the blog-house scene a year or so ago, one couldn't be blamed for having heard enough of the Baltimore club sound. But throughout it all, the Charm City's DJ Blaqstarr stood leagues above all the come-lately carpetbagging clatter -- creating a mesmerising, hardcore dance music by intertwining the deep, minimal punch of Bmore club trax with neo-soul influences and an echoless dub-y spaciousness. It was a heady and distinctive sound -- one that soon brought MIA, the producers of HBO's "The Wire," a steady stream of DJs and artists knocking on his studio door.

This Halloween evening, DJ Blaqstarr hits Smart Bar for a headlining set, touring with South Rakkas Crew. The two artists are currently hitting spots as part of the recent Mad Decent tour, representing DJ Diplo's label. Rob Threezy and Charlie Glitch are slated to start things off in the opening slot. Doors open at 10 PM. Tickets are $10 before midnight, $15 after. 3730 N. Clark.

[video]: DJ Blaqstarr & Rye-Rye - "Shake It To The Ground"
[video]: DJ Blaqstarr - live in Bmore promo clip
[audio]: Blaqstarr megamix - Diplo's podcast mix

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