Friday Night Show: Golden Birthday @ the AV-aerie

Chances are that if you haven't heard Golden Birthday play live during any of their recent appearances around town, you might've heard their name of late. On the eve of the release of their debut album, they've been getting some heads-up attention (see here and here) in the local press. If any of that's made you the least bit curious, tonight's your opportunity as they play at the AV-aerie performance space in the West Loop this Friday evening.

Golden Birthday's sound is a distinctively moody one -- languid, dreamy, drenched in a reverb haze, a bit tenuous, tinged with filigree and shadow. Anyone who was once familiar with the proto-shoegaze of Felt or a number of artists that graced the 4AD roster back in the mid-'80s will probably experience a pleasant sense of déjà vu, and those with less seasoned ears will no doubt find Golden Birthday's music strikingly unique. Also on the bill for Friday's show are local fauve-folk favorites Bird Names and the blippy, tribal abstractionists of the Mahjongg satellite-project Waterbabies. 2000 W. Fulton. Admission is just $5, and the doors open at 9:30 PM.

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