Free Aleks and the Drummer Track

Aleks and the Drummer, who we profiled back in October, is busy working on a followup to their 2008 EP May a Lightning Bolt Caress You, but found the time to contribute a track to Barcelona music website Buffet Libre's annual covers collection. Says Aleks:

I covered my favorite Blondie song, "Fade Away and Radiate." You'll be surprised to hear some slide guitar in there, and a few other elements peppering the song. The beats are a little different than usual, too, as I had deric for 20 min so I sampled his beats sometimes down to individual hits and re-arranged them to work. They ended up way more "open" than what we're used to. But I think the result is pretty cool. Please have a listen, and a download if you like.

Find Aleks and the Drummer's cover of Blondie's "Fade Away and Radiate" on page three of the site.

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