Don't Sleep on Obits

Rick Froberg's history has warranted a pretty decent following. However, that's not to say he takes advantage of it by doing anything weak. His various music projects speak for themselves and his design work is almost universally lauded. The man clearly understands how to not take a project too long. None of his bands have ever outstayed their welcome. From Pitchfork to Drive Like Jehu to Hot Snakes, he and John Reis have always been an excellent team to deliver aggressive rock'n'roll music.

Now without his longtime collaborator in Reis, Froberg's new band Obits has been generating buzz since playing their first show in New York earlier this year. Their only release so far is a single ahead of 2009's full-length record. While the sound is more melodic than its predecessors, it's not a huge departure from Hot Snakes' post-garage rock urgency and Froberg's vocals still carry a distinct desperation.

Obits open for Constantines, who absolutely slay live, at the Empty Bottle tomorrow evening. The show begins at 10PM and admission is $12. Light Pollution also plays.

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